BizTech Pitch Competition

We are now accepting applications for the February 20th BizTech Pitch Competition, brought to you by Boise State University’s COBE Funding Accelerator -- powered by VentureCapital.Org. This year's competition is perfect for companies looking to take their product or services to the mainstream market. Typical applicants are technology focused companies who are seeking funding mentorship. Selected companies could be the next success story and with the help of the COBE Funding Accelerator -- powered by VentureCapital.Org, a company's odds of securing funding are greatly enhanced.

To submit your application for the 2019 BizTech Pitch Competition, please visit When submitting your application, please select BizTech Pitch Competition (BPC). Deadline to submit your application is December 28th, 2018. If your company is selected you will be notified in early January with mentoring starting soon after.

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