David Romeo - Senior Principal Allata David Romeo Senior Principal Allata

Fast Forward Your Digital Journey with Event Driven Architecture

An essential part of a digital transformation is transitioning your enterprise to an event-driven future. Gartner estimates by 2020, event-sourced, real time, situational awareness will be a required characteristic for 80% of digital business solutions. In this talk, we’ll take an in depth look at event-driven architectures and explore how they can accelerate your digital journey to gain new business opportunities by joining or forming the event-driven digital business peer ecosystems.

David Romeo has spent the last 10+ years providing technology solutions and architecture in a variety of industries including retail, healthcare, financial services, and logistics. His passion in technology includes Cloud Architecture, Identity and SSO, MicroServices, event driven systems, and dabbling in various front-end JavaScript frameworks. Prior to Allata, David was a Senior Manager at Pariveda Solutions where he was responsible for project delivery, solution architecture, and thought leadership. David is based in Dallas/Fort Worth with his wife and daughter. He enjoys golfing in his time away.