Jaimee Martinez - Director Quality and Cost HP Services Jaimee Martinez Director Quality and Cost HP Services

Speaker Panel "Why Idaho Is Prime For Women in Tech: The Rebranding Initiative"

Jaimee graduated from college in 1998 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. After working for a few years, her social and curious nature led her out of her cubicle and into the world of business strategy. She was on a mission to master as many roles as she could and learn more about how businesses operated. Jaimee spent 19 years at HP, taking on positions that varied in discipline from hardware to software to test, different organizations like R&D, Quality, and Product Marketing, as well as numerous roles as an individual contributor and manager. She is now the Director of Quality and Cost for the Personal Systems Services Business at HP Inc. She is loving all the challenges that come with a start-up business like PC as a Service, but enveloped in mature business processes, strategic decision making, and career growth offered within a company like HP.