John Williamson - Executive in Residence Boise State University COBE John Williamson Executive in Residence Boise State University COBE

Speaker Topic: More Needles, Less Hay - The power of the Cooperative Venturing Network

Experienced senior executive with strong passion to serve the Idaho and grow our business community. Nearly 3 decades of experience in finance and business with strong skills in leadership, relationship strategy, enterprise solutions, B2B negotiations, growing markets, and value based selling techniques.

Through the COBE Funding Accelerator I am building a program to assist emerging entrepreneurs in successfully navigating the “Valley of Death” funding gaps by offering strategies to more quickly attain critical access to capital. By aligning the wisdom of VentureCapital.Org’s exceptional mentor network, the emerging talents within the Boise State University student body, and the innovation and creativity of our entrepreneurial community we will strengthen and grow the Idaho economy for generations to come.

I see the world of business as one of not problems and constraints, but one of challenging opportunities where solutions may simply not yet be visible. The exciting aspect of life is working to bring these solutions into focus for the benefit and reward of community, business, and self-experience. Together we can START, FIND MONEY, CHANGE THE WORLD for Idaho and Idaho entrepreneurs.