Matthew Byrd - President / CEO  Nexus 3D Consulting Matthew Byrd President / CEO Nexus 3D Consulting

Speaker Topic - Digitizing Assets: 3D Technology Across Multiple Industries

Abstract: Nexus 3D Consulting is pushing the boundaries in the built environment of many industries by utilizing cutting edge technologies such as 3D Laser Scanning, Point Clouds, 3D Modeling, UAV / Drones, Virtual Reality, and more. Matthew will be showcasing how their clients are utilizing these technologies in a wide variety of industries, from the renovation of a 15-story hotel, equipment replacement in an oil & gas facility, to documentation of crime scenes and mapping of an underground tunnel. Their clients are finding cost and time savings, increased safety, and an overall better project workflow. The innovation and implementation of different technologies is increasing more now than ever before, and it’s making a BIG difference throughout all industries.

As President / CEO of Nexus 3D Consulting, Matthew Byrd employs his love of 3D technology and innovative entrepreneurship to remain at the forefront of the 3D Industry. His experience in diverse 3D laser scanning and 3D modeling jobs has provided him the ability to collaborate with companies across multiple industries including Architecture, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Forensics, Food Processing, and more. He is continually striving to find new ways to help implement the latest technology into his clients’ projects in a way that will reduce their project schedule, increase accuracy during design, increase efficiency during construction, and save them money. Matthew’s unmistakable entrepreneurial drive and commitment to client satisfaction have made him a leader in the 3D scanning industry across North America.