Perry Lea - Principal Architect Microsoft X-Box Studios Perry Lea Principal Architect Microsoft X-Box Studios

Speaker Topic: Machine Learning for the rest of us

Abstract: Lets talk about machine learning and the hype around it. Machine learning and artificial intelligence is the buzz word in nearly every industry. Anything that saves times, reduces complexity, and improves margins is naturally desirable. However, what is it? This is an an informative session to teach you the fundamentals of machine learning in different use cases and applications. We will talk about the history and evolution of machine learning and why it’s prevalent now. We also will show a real life demonstration of a machine teaching itself how to recognize objects. You should leave with a critical understanding of how machine learning may help you or your business in different circumstances.

Perry Lea is a 26 year veteran of computing and system engineering. He is an author, inventor, researcher, executive, and advisor. He currently holds the position of Principal Technologist for Microsoft leading next generation Xbox architectures (which will be awesome). He also is founder of of the advisory group Computational Vision and Rumble (a Kansas City startup in edge computing and IoT). He also advises Boise based Simply LED and other international firms. He holds 30 patents with 50 pending. He was chief architect of HP Boise Imaging and Printing Group, Director of Strategy of Micron, and Director or Technology for Cradlepoint. He is a senior IEEE and ACM member with post graduate degrees from Columbia University.